Enervo Group Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Tafesh

The world today is evolving rapidly, offering numerous opportunities and expecting outstanding results. At ENERVO we realize this potential demand and are committed to challenge ourselves to offer exceptional service. Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable and fitting solutions to exceed our client’s expectations and develop a partnership with our clients.

Team ENERVO idolizes our visionary UAE leaders, known to honor brilliance, welcome innovation and emphasize on autonomy. We are proud to have received the ICV Certification which gives us an edge in our business and offers better prospects. As we look to the future we have set our goals to strive for significant progress & economic welfare.

We look to empower and invest in the knowledge of our valued team members as we attribute our achievements to the dedication of our staff. Their exceptional skills and expertise are vital to our company’s success and their growth signifies the progression of ENERVO!

Enervo Group CEO

Mr. Mohammed Bijiarmi

ENERVO strives to make a significant contribution both socially and environmentally through our business activities. We are committed to providing cost effective and high-end services. Our identity was created by delivering successful projects which are highly appreciated by our clients.

We are aware that a new society is taking shape and new requirements are emerging in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. ENERVO Group has quickly adapted to the situation and is steadily moving forward through rigorous branding efforts, offering innovative solutions and using our experience & technology to foray into new ventures, tapping potential opportunities.

Sharing the vision of our UAE leaders, ENERVO Team have embedded the progressive & tolerant culture in our company. Our team is channelized to perform their duties by overcoming challenges through support & motivation from the Management. Prioritizing health, safety & employee development to achieve the company goals is the main objective of the Management team which results in excellence.